Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Unknown edit 85
HPs MVs Dmg
935 - 951 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>63 in >125 lbs Unknown
Aggro Humans
Special Smob


The gholam is a <type?> smob found the Still Forest.


"A strange looking man with dead eyes stands here.

An almost human-looking man with impossible strength and agility looms over the shapeless remains of a humanoid body, disemboweling it with such ease as to unnerve all but the bravest of souls. Memory almost faded from even myth describes the gholam as creatures whom have no peer at killing -- and whose purpose allows no intervention."

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The gholam is located in the tunnel system which also contains the demented Dreadlord. From "On a Grassy Mound" open the grassylab and fall down the tube. Open the sarcophagus. The gholam loads east of here in the "Cracked Hall".

Zone Room Qty. Notes
The Still Forest Secret Passage 1


The gholam can only be killed through melee with the consistent landing of bash. After bashing the gholam you must land a bash at the next opportunity or he will completely regenerate his health. Missed bashes result in the gholam regenerating his health. The tarnished key he wears unlocks his hidden doors and chest. To exit the cave you must kill a rabid trolloc. This can be done before tackling the smobs inside.


A pool of liquid slides in from under the hiddenfloor...

A pool of liquid coagulates together, forming the gholam.

Note - the Gholam is sometimes not immediately visible in his primary rooms, but will arrive using the above message if you wait there.


Item Slot Rarity
a tarnished silver key Held 8/8
a belt with a buckle of cuendillar Waist 1/8
a crystal lightstick Inventory 6/8
a chest Ground 8/8
a blue pouch of flatwort tea Inside a chest 1/8
a bone-handled blade Inside a chest 1/8
a brightly colored carrot Inside a chest 1/8
a bubbling draught Inside a chest 1/8
a cup of thready brown tea Inside a chest 1/8
a gold crown (20) Inside a chest 2/8
a gold crown (100) Inside a chest 2/8
a mutton shank Inside a chest 1/8
a package of dried rations Inside a chest 1/8
a partisan bearing the arms of Ghealdan Inside a chest
a sharpened metal disk Inside a chest 1/8
a small crystalline circlet Inside a chest 1/8
a thin vial of yellow fluid Inside a chest 3/8

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