Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Animal Female 60
HPs MVs Dmg
660 - 672 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>63 in >125 lbs Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Abilities Emote dmg
Special Smob


The giant transparent spider is an animal-type smob. The location in Andor is also the final step in the Southern smob chain.


"The giant clear spider crouches here protecting her eggs.

Quivering and about to pounce, this mother spider guard her territory fiercely. Her body is nearly transparent but you can make out what looks to be internal organs in her abdomen. Drops of poison can be seen dripping from the clear fangs."

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
Rocky Foothills Dusty Storeroom 1
Tarendrelle at the Eldar Hidden Cellar 1 Cellar of Lord Jaufre's tower


The following applies to the spider loading in Lord Jaufre's cellar and not necessarily to the spider loading in the northern Spine. The giant transparent spider and all of her offspring can be blinded. She occasionally performs an emote attack where she spits acid, but it is not a high damage attack. The bulk of the strategy for defeating this smob appears to be getting to this smob before someone else does. The chest bounty can only be acquired once per day.



Item Slot Rarity
a large spider web Inventory 6/6
an old metal key Inside a large spider web 6/6
an old chest On ground 6/6
an intricate silver coil Inside an old chest 2/6
a gold ring delicately carved with ivy Inside an old chest 2/6
a pair of thick, gold-plated greaves Inside an old chest 1/6
a razor-thin disc of metal Inside an old chest 4/6
a sculpted statuette Inside an old chest 1/6
a wickedly scythed longsword Inside an old chest 3/6
a gold crown (50) Inside an old chest 6/6


Item Slot Rarity
a key with gold inlay Inventory 1/1
a mahogany chest Ground 1/1
a black key engraved with a whip Inside a mahogany chest 1/1
a crystal lightstick Inside a mahogany chest 1/1
a frayed map of a foreign land Inside a mahogany chest 1/1
a gold crown (20) Inside a mahogany chest 1/1
a jade signet ring Inside a mahogany chest 1/1

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