Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Humanoid Male 32
HPs MVs Dmg
352 - 358 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>62<68 in >169 lbs Unknown
Aggro Humans
Abilities Track
Special Mini-smob


The mine overlord is a humanoid mini-smob found in the mines beneath the Misty Mountains, east of Stedding Yandar, and west of Emond's Field. He is a source of dark, barbed flails.


"The mine overlord stands here ruling with an iron fist.

The mine overlord stands here ruling with an iron fist. He has a slightly hooked nose and a square chin. A lock of pure white hair hangs down over his eyes creating a shadow over them. Leading his men by example he surveys his surroundings with no trace of pity in his eyes."

Keywords: male, mine, overlord, smob


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Mining Tunnels An Old Mine
In the Old Mine
With 2x mine guards
With 3x mine guards
The Tar Valon to Cairhien Road A Bend in the Tunnel 1 With 2x mine guards



Item Slot Rarity
a thick mail shirt Chest 1/1
a set of chainmail sleeves Arms 1/1
a pair of steel-backed gauntlets Hands 1/1
a dark, barbed flail Wielded 1/1
a wide leather belt Waist 1/1
a small purse On belt 1/1
a gold crown (7) Inside a small purse 1/1
a mirrored lantern Inventory 1/1
a pair of chainmail leggings Legs 1/1
a pair of thin metal boots Feet 1/1


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