Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Animal Female 40
HPs MVs Dmg
440 - 448 N/A
Height Weight BMI
<80 in <241 lbs Unknown
Aggro Dreadlords, Myrddraal, Trollocs
Special Smob


The mother grolm is a smob loading in the City in the Blight.


"A thick-set mother grolm lumbers quickly toward you.

Protectively pacing around her young, the mother grolm's three eyes glare at you with bloodshot fury. Most physical attacks are pointless against her thick, plated hide, where underneath lay untold strength and agility. As you near her brood, slavering and dangerous jaws open to growl for a brief instant before rushing you dead-on."

Keywords: female, grolm, mother, smob


Zone Room Qty. Notes
City in the Blight An Ancient Vault of the Aes Sedai 1


The mother grolm loads behind the locked "BleachedDoor," which is unlocked by a strange white key. The strange white key can be found behind the locked "concave" at the rear of the ruined castle in the same zone, which is unlocked by a rusty key. The rusty key can be found on a skeleton inside a worm burrow southwest of the tentacle lake in the Blight.

The strange white key will not repop if one is already present in the zone, so it is advisable to take it out of the zone after killing the smob, so that a new key can be retrieved once it breaks. Trollocs will usually leave the keys in the Ruined Keep so that others can do the smob.

The smob loads along with six very low level baby grolm, and does not move from her room. The room is not nohide and the smob can be backstabbed or meleed to death, which can be made easier by killing each baby first.

Additional treasure loads in an old chest, unlocked by an old metal key that she wears.


On mob

Item Slot Rarity
an old metal key Held 100%
a gold crown (20) Inventory 100%
an old chest On ground 100%
a blue orb Inside an old chest 100%
a many-faceted stone Inside an old chest 2/22

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