Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 04/01/2019
Type Gender Level XP
Human Female 50
HPs MVs Dmg
550 - 560 N/A
Height Weight BMI
<69 in <175 lbs Unknown
Aggro Humans
Skills Bash
Special Smob


The mountain-dwellers' leader is a human smob loading east of Tear in the Haddon Mirk. She is also the first step in the Southern smob chain.


"A woman of the mountain-dwellers is here, rallying her followers.

Frozen eyes glare at you with anger and distrust. This seemingly delicate woman is not very tall but looks down her nose at you as if she towered by fifteen feet. One hand steadfastly grips the hilt of a dagger, while the other lifts her dress above the knee, ready for a fight."

Keywords: dweller, leader, smob, ?


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Haddon Mirk Secondary Hive Room 1 With 4 dwellers


The smob is located inside a cave east of Tear, behind a boulder, which leads to a cave complex populated by mountain-side dwellers. At the end of the cave is a hidden membrane door, which requires search to open. The smob is located inside the membrane, accompanied by four more dwellers. The dwellers with the smob as well as those wandering outside will close the membrane periodically, which can make fleeing from the smob difficult, especially since the mobs bash.

A solo stabber can easily kill each dweller minion with a single stab. Clearing the lower level mobs will make stabbing the smob safer and easier. The smob is also of a low enough level that a high-level channeler can land blind and other status weaves on her.


Item Slot Rarity
a thin, black chain Neck 5/5
a clinging dress of emerald green Body 5/5
a light pair of leather coverings Arms 5/5
a kite-shaped shield Shield 5/5
a jeweled dagger Wielded 5/5
a thin, decorative belt Waist 5/5
an ebony shortblade Inside a thin, decorative belt 5/5
a small purse Belt 5/5
a key carved with a grinning fox Inside a small purse 5/5
a gold crown (70) Inside a small purse 5/5
a small leather sheath Belt 5/5
a pair of silken hose Legs 5/5
a pair of elegant leather slippers Feet 5/5

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