Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level
Unknown edit Female 20
HPs MVs Dmg
220 - 224 N/A
Height Weight BMI
69 in >130 <160 lbs Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit


The seamstress is a humanoid? mob found in various locations around the world. This mob is able to retool shields, cloaks, and blankets into various other items.


The old seamstress stands here smiling.

Old but still strong and wiry, this lady can handle herself in this city of

Keywords: female, lady, quest, seamstress, woman


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Amador (zone) A Clean Home 1
Bandar Eban (zone) Inside a Small House 1
Cairhien (zone) Jaseem's Fine Clothing 1
Central Tremalking Samarin Tailoring 1
City of Illian The Needle and Thread 1
Fal Dara A Tailor's Shop 1
Falme Tilsi's Stitchery and Embroidery 1
Inner Caemlyn Caemlyn Market 1
Maradon A Cheerful House 1
Mayene (city) In a Quaint Cottage 1
New Far Madding North The Silver Thimble Tailor 1
Tar Valon (zone) Erol's Fine Tailoring 1
Tear (zone) A Townhouse 1



Item Slot Rarity
a soft gray dress Body 100%


Item Slot Rarity
a black dress Body 100%
a thin, decorative belt Waist 100%
a small purse Belt 100%
a pair of elegant leather slippers Feet 100%


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