Shop Info
Release date Unknown edit
Type Tailor
Location Taren Ferry
Proprietor Thexi Bramblebrook
Hours Unknown edit
Sell Rate 1.1x
Buy Rate Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

Thexi Bramblebrook's Tailor Shop is a Tailor shop located in Taren Ferry.

Inventory on Boot

Item Cost Notes
a black dress 19 coppers
a black pair of pants 20 coppers
a black shirt 7 coppers
a bundled tent 220 coppers
a fine woolen cloak 13 coppers
a green shirt 6 coppers
a leather belt 11 coppers
a pair of soft, light shoes 56 coppers
a plain brown shirt 3 coppers
a red dress 33 coppers
a warm pair of fuzzy woolen mittens 4 coppers
a wool cap 2 coppers
plain brown pants 11 coppers