Throw is a command used to throw Javelins, Projectiles or other weapons at players or mobs (even flying ones) to deal critical damage.How much?

Syntax: throw <target>

List of throwable weapons

Item Type
a harpoon Javelin
a long, barbed javelin Javelin
a light metal javelin Javelin
a long pine javelin Javelin
a long, thin hunting spear Javelin
a sharp stone spear Javelin
a sleek hunting spear Javelin
a dark oak javelin Javelin
a copper headed throwing axe Projectile
a huge boulder Projectile
a sharp pointed dart Projectile
a throwing spike Projectile
a sharpened metal disk Projectile
a dirty rock Projectile
a throwing knife Projectile
a blackened steel kris Short blade
a dagger of green jade Short blade
a sharp, red stone dagger Short blade
a curved clear dagger Short blade
a dagger of gleaming steel Short blade
a dirk Short blade
a shiny copper dagger Short blade
a jeweled dagger Short blade
a stiletto Short blade
a dagger Short blade
a silver-winged basilard Short blade
a short steel spear Spear
a bamboo shafted short spear Spear
a dark blue tasseled spear Spear
a long shoulder spear Spear
a boarspear Spear

In Game Description

Syntax: throw <target>

This skill is joined with the projectile skill. It is the command to throw
your weapon or object at something in the room. Success is based on your
ability in the projectile skill and your stats.

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