WoTMUD runs on lengths of time of (ideally) 0.25 seconds which are called pulses. All actions and events are a multiple of this basic pulse time.

Length of a pulse[]

The length of a pulse can be measured by timing a repeated action with a stopwatch. The observed length of a pulse is actually slightly more than its nominal length, due to connection speed, server lag, and other factors. Currently, a pulse takes approximately 0.3 seconds, and this time will be used below.

Derived time units[]

  • Round = 12 pulses =~3.6 seconds (ideally 3 seconds)
  • Half-tic = 10 rounds =~36 seconds (ideally 30 seconds)
  • MUD Hour = 20 rounds =~72 seconds (ideally 60 seconds) - This unit is also known as a 'tic' due to the game clock 'ticking' up by 1 Hour in this time.
  • MUD Day = 24 MUD hours
  • MUD Month = 28 MUD days
  • MUD Year = 13 MUD months

Length of selected actions[]

The length of the following actions are given in pulses.


  • Charge: 7 pulses (add fleelag to a maximum of 12)
  • Combat Round: 12 pulses
  • Bash: 13 pulses
  • Backstab: 16 pulses
  • Ambush: 36 pulses

Combat Weaves[]

Mob Actions[]

  • Aggro, auto-wield: 40 pulses
  • Bash: ?? pulses
  • Charge: ?? pulses


Knowledge of the MUD's clock can be useful for timing certain actions, especially in PK.


In Game Description[]

Syntax: time

Displays current game time and real time. Also displays how long
the WoT MUD has been up without a crash or reboot.