Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? Yes
Elements 7E 2S
Sps 25 SPs
Pulses 20
Duration n/a
On Self? n/a
On Engaged? n/a
While Engaged? Yes

The travel weave transports the weaver to the room identified by the portcode. Portcodes may be obtained though use of the locate life and locate object weaves, and last until a change in the in-game month, e.g. less than 24 hours real time. When traveling to a location in the same zone, the travel weave is perfectly accurate, but for more distant targets, the caster will be transported to a location several rooms away from the target, although this error margin will never result in the caster being separated from the target room by a closed door or no-loc room, so for certain target rooms, the weave remains perfectly accurate even at range.

The effective range of the travel weave is limited by the caster's percentage skill in the weave. Keeping one's prac percentage in travel slightly higher than one's percentage in the locate weaves can help insure the the target is in range. Attempting to travel to a bad or expired portcode or to an out of range location results in a "misport," and the caster will be transported to a random room, potentially on the complete other end of the map or in very hostile territory.

It is impossible to travel out of certain rooms, and it is impossible to willfully travel into any no-loc room, since a portcode for such a room is not obtainable. A misport, however, can potentially place a channeler in such a room. One cannot travel into a water room, and attempts to port into such a room will result in a misport.

Like gate and fade, the travel weave has a high rate of failure when the caster has no-quit status.

Syntax: channel 'travel' <portcode>

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