Trees are mobs that are plant-like in nature, and have different hittable body parts than humanoid mobs and players.

Trees make for excellent Exp due to having much lower defense compared to other mob types of the same level.

Hunters get a 50% damage bonus versus trees.

List of TreesEdit

Mob Level Notes
the stick (3) 3
a small, spiny cactus 7
a blood thornbush 9
a web-like fungus 9
the angry tree 10
a stout young sapling 10 Respawn mobol
a spindly oak sapling 10 Respawn mobol
a tuft of grass 10
the creepers 11
the stick (13) 13
a wilted tree 15
a large green cactus 15
a grayish-green moss 17
a great vine 23 Emote damage
a scorched tree 23
a shivering tree 24
a twisted tree 24
a blue pine 25
the ancient tree 25
a towering chokevine 25 Emote damage?
a three-needle pine 25
a kaf plant 25
a carnivorous plant 25
the blighted tree 26
the animated roots 29
a wild mushroom 30
the writhing grass 30
the moss-covered tree 35
an evergreen pine 40 Perma-chilled
Issued by lumberjacks for QPs
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