Shop Info
Release date Unknown edit
Type Armor
Location Samarin
Proprietor Unknown edit
Hours Unknown edit
Sell Rate 1.5x
Buy Rate Unknown edit
Special Unknown edit

Tremalking Armory is an Armor shop located in Samarin.

Inventory on boot

Item Cost Notes
a belt hook 37 coppers
a braided leather band 7 coppers
a bridle made of leather 7 coppers
a chainmail tunic 34 coppers
a high-cantled saddle 27 coppers
a hitching harness 6 coppers
a leather baldric 67 coppers
a leather helmet 7 coppers
a metal helmet 45 coppers
a pair of leather half-gauntlets 45 coppers
a pair of metal half-gauntlets 150 coppers
a pair of thin metal boots 150 coppers
a thick leather vest 40 coppers
a thin metal cap 7 coppers
a thin pair of leather gloves 450 coppers
a wide leather belt 18 coppers
a worn saddlebag 21 coppers
an axe harness 22 coppers