Trinkets are worn items which can grant various bonuses to a player's Dodge bonus, Parry bonus, and Movement points, but which have no Abs stat. Trinkets are classified by which slot they are worn on.

Trinket Slots

Trinkets are classified by what body part they are worn on.


There are three main attributes a trinket may have: Dodge bonus, Parry bonus, and Movement points.

  • Dodge bonus, or DB, increases the chance to dodge attacks altogether without receiving damage.
  • Parry bonus, or PB, increases the chance to parry attacks similar to dodging. Unlike DB, however, PB can be split when fighting more than one opponent.
  • Movement points, or MVs, provide an increase in a player's base movement pool, allowing a player to travel greater distances without resting.

Clan Trinkets

Main article: Clan trinket

Members of clans have the option to issue up to two types of clan-specific trinkets at special clan mobs. Unlike clan armor, these items are not retools, and so have their own unique examine and ground descriptions. While these items generally have the same stats as some base trinket, a few provide various bonuses over normal, non-clan trinkets.