Trophy is a display of all mobs and players a character has killed.


trophy <mobname>
trophy <players>

Trophy kill messages[]

Kills Message
1 Your first time! Was it good for you too?
2 Oh, much better the second time around.
3 Three times is the charm!
4-10 Still better. Experience pays off.
11-29 Blood never gets boring, does it?
30-59 Yet again! Seems like a rerun...
60-89 Not tired of this yet?
90-119 Sigh... nothing better to do, eh?
120-149 Time to find a new victim to bully?
150-179 Seen enough of the viscera yet?
180-209 Not sure what genocide means, but this may be it.
210-239 You've almost gone from murderer to conqueror.
240-269 Practice makes perfect. Keep going.
270+ Quite a death count. Have it put on your tombstone.

In Game Description[]

Syntax: trophy     trophy <mob_name>    trophy players

Trophy will display a list of all the creatures you have killed, with the
most recent kills at the head of the list. It is also possible to obtain
a partial list by specifying exactly what you want to see. This is
accomplished by the use of the field on trophy. You can see a list of all the
mobs of a certain type by using a name as an argument (such as trophy dog),
and can receive a list of all of your player kills through 'trophy players'
Also, trophy shows you the number of times you have killed a certain thing
and the bonuses you have gained in fighting that creature. Experience is
reduced for multiple kills.

> trophy wolf
> trophy players