The Undead are mobs that are essentially animated corpses, and can come in the forms of humanoids, horses, and other types, having the same hittable body parts as their respective living counterparts. Their humanoid versions can equip items, and leave a lootable corpse when killed.

Given their undead status, these mobs do not show a relative Hit points level during combat. Similarly, when diagnosed, no general health message is displayed. Nevertheless, they can be killed normally, without requiring a honed weapon.

Backstab suffers a 50%? damage penalty vs undead mobs.

List of Undead

Mob Level Notes
an undead servant 5
a wailing corpse 9
a skeletal horse 10
a wretch 15
the shadow beast 28
the chief of the wretches 30 Smob
a zombie 35
a skeletal warrior ??
a skeletal wolf ??
an undead castle defender ??
an undead castleguard ??
an undead slave ??
Najdeer the Highpriest ?? Smob
the Undead Warlord ?? Smob