Uniques are items of which only one copy can be found on the game at a time. Uniques are usually only loaded during special quests, but can also be acquired by redeeming a rainbow chit. The rent cost of most, if not allVerify? unique items is 1000 coppers/day.

List of unique items

Item Type
a black silk gown with streith ribbons armor |Body
a bloodstone medallion armor |Neck
a cleaver of steel Axe |wielded
a foxhead medallion armor |Neck
a hammered pair of silver greaves armor |Legs
a hammered pair of silver vambraces armor |Arms
a heartstone tipped spear Spear |wielded
a heron marked blade with a jeweled hilt Long blade |wielded
a jade shafted partisan Spear |wielded
a pair of splinted steel greaves armor |Legs
a pair of splinted steel vambraces armor |Arms
a pair of steel-plated boots armor |Feet
a silver sai Short blade |wielded
a silver serpent chain armor |Neck
a simple longsword with a leather-wrapped hilt Long blade |wielded
a steel bascinet with mail aventail armor |Head
a suit of blackened banded armor armor |Chest
a suit of finely-crafted silver chainmail armor |Chest
a tunic of overlapping steel plates armor |Chest
al'Akir's Despair, the bronze-headed voulge of the Malkieri Polearm |wielded
an ebony shield inlaid with an onyx fang armor |Shield
an elaborately beaded dress armor |Body
Blight Killer Axe |wielded
Callandor Angreal |Held
Laman's Folly, the spiraled staff of Avendoraldera Staff |wielded
Malfeasor, the twin bladed scythe of blood ebony Axe |wielded
the Hatchet of Hawkwing Axe |wielded
the Sword of Kirukan Medium blade |wielded
the ancient greatsword, Justice Long blade |wielded
the battle flail of Shol Arbela Flail |wielded
the glazed katars of Mondoran Short blade |wielded
the massive blade, da'es Ashan Long blade |wielded

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