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This update was added on July 2 2002 by Aennor.

It's a shame that when you do give some people trust they abuse it. Some people can never ever be trusted. Period. How these people can look at themselves in the mirror or even dare to ask for trust ever again is simply beyond me.

A former player here has distributed some information out to a wide group of people. Information of this type would be considered privileged. It contains purported 'secrets' about mobs, alts and equipment. It's dated and often incomplete, dated or plain wrong but even misinformation of this type can damage innocent players.

I urge you all to not further distribute this information. I know curiosity will try to get the best of you but take it from someone who knows enough around here... knowing things spoils the fun. Delete the information and don't compound the utter immature stupidity of one person. Don't take the risk of damaging an innocent player's reputation by something that some kid throwing a temper tantrum sends out. Don't ruin your own fun by trying to gain knowledge through improper means.

I hate to say it but this part should be obvious:

Acting on, using, or distributing the information will result in any or all of the following:

  • Zap
  • Siteban
  • Character confiscation

Trust me, reading or distributing this will not gain you an advantage on the mud nor will it make the game more fun. It could potentially have the opposite effect.