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This update was added on December 2 2016 by Voices of the Wheel.


In an effort to bring people closer together, which will hopefully spark more interactions, we have been focussing some attention on Andor and other central zones. This change is a part of this project.

All pine issuing lumberjacks have been removed, excepting the one on Tar Valon island so that Novices can still exp on the island. Four new lumberjacks have been installed in the following zones:

  • Braem Wood
  • Lost Braem
  • Swamp north-west of Whitebridge
  • Areas surrounding Glancor

To make the swamp north-west of Whitebridge a little more chokey and a little less of a fleebie run around area, several connections have been removed. This is not as big a change as the one north of Watch Hill and it still allows Darkside multiple ways to retreat to Whitebridge fade.

~WoTmud Staff