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The sun peeked above the trees, beginning to burn away the morning fog and illuminating the magnificent white bridge that spanned the Arinelle. The Town Watchmen, dressed in their finest, stood in column formation. Hands were raised not in salute, but to shield eyes from the piercing glare of the sun. It was their ears that needed to be at attention.

Lord Captain Omerna addressed them.

“You will be serving under my command, as the Creator has willed it so. Your duties remain unchanged, but your allegiance is to a higher power, now. You no longer serve Andor.”

To their credit, not a man of the Watch seemed surprised or bothered by the news, at least visibly. These men would have made decent soldiers, with some work.

Lord Captain Omerna walked up and down the column, inspecting carefully. After completing his inspection, he called them to attention.

“I will be garrisoned here with you to ensure the safety of Whitebridge, Andor has stationed some of their Elites outside the gates as well.”

His dark eyes swept over the watchmen once more. They looked to him and saw a man who appeared to be the consummate soldier and officer. A man accustomed to leadership.

“You serve the Creator himself, now. Failure in your duties will result in a trip to the Fortress of Light where you will be introduced to the Hand of the Light itself. You are dismissed!”

The Watchmen moved away as one, returning to their posts. If it was not with new purpose, then at least it was under new administration.

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