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High Lord Damara,

I hope this missive finds you well, despite the differences we may have had in the past. I realize our nations are frequently at eachother's throats, but I humbly request you hear me out, it is a matter of great import. As you were the sixth in order of command during the Aiel War, it is obvious that your military skills are widely respected, not just by allies at the time, but by myself as well.

Now to the matter at hand. An Illianer farmer by the name of Gorin Rogad has proclaimed himself as the Dragon Reborn. He has claimed his intent is to conquer Illian, both city and nation, take the Laurel Crown and then march to Tear to take the Stone.

As soon as the man had proclaimed himself, the poor and wretched were drawn to him like flies to a middenheap. Soon, the amount of people he had amassed ran into the hundreds. Obviously, the army was sent to deal with this madman, but they were vastly outnumbered. The zealous Dragonsworn fools beat them back.

While I would understand you would not care one bit about the army's defeat, strife in Illian, nor the Laurel Crown being taken, I would remind you that if this man were to succeed, he would not just have Illian's army at his beck and call, but every fool that believes in him. Both Illianer and foreigner, drawn to him like moths to a flame. The Stone has never been taken, but you and I both know that Tear would struggle to deal with such a massive army. Especially if their blood runs hot with their belief in this False Dragon.

I implore you to pass this information on to the council of High Lords and Ladies. While I do not expect them to cease hostilities against Illian, perhaps they will agree that the danger this False Dragon provides to both our nations, and the world, is much greater than our disagreement over land.

I await your answer,

In the Light,

Demetre Marcolin

Demetre read his letter one more time and then shoved it into an envelope, sealing it with some green wax. He gave it to a waiting messenger and said: 'Make sure you deliver this to the High Lord Astoril Damara in person. In person!'

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