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An Imperial Scout enters an inn somewhere in Seandar, sits down and removes her helmet, running her fingers through her shortly cropped hair. She orders a glass of wine and begins to talk to her friends.

"I just finished patrol of the northern lands. Those marshes were quite the mess, and I'll be glad to scrub until all their muck is off me!"

She takes a sip of her wine and enthusiastically tells her friends, "I also got a chance to patrol the northern mountains, from west to east. Beautiful country up there if you like mountains instead of flatlands."

With a sigh she finishes her drink and stands. "I need to go check the maps I made for the grasslands before handing in my report. The rivers and their fingers have overrun and created new tributaries that should be remarked upon."

She gathers her helmet and grins. "If you want an adventure, I recommend the patrol I just did, my friend!" She pauses and says "Oh. And I'm also told the dockmaster now has passage for a set of islands we've not been to before. The Ever-Victorious Army has plans to do some travelling." She leaves the inn with a smirk and exits onto the street, as her friends look after her with speculation...

  • The Seanchan Marshes brought to you by Myrddin.
  • Seanchan Northern Mountains West brought to you by Myrddin.
  • Seanchan Northern Mountains East brought to you by Astoria.
  • Seanchan Northern Tributaries brought to you by Kivix.

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