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A peddler comes into town, his wagon brightly painted and filled to the brim with things both practical and curious. He puffs on his pipe and grins as he stops the wagon and locks the wheels into place.

He stands on the bench seat of his wagon and calls out "Gather around my friends, and come see my new wares, brought all the way from the edge of the Waterless Sands!"

Townspeople start to mill around the wagon, examining the items the peddler has in his cart. The peddler clamps his teeth around his pipe stem and answers questions as he may...

"Yes, I went all the way I could, but I stopped when it got so hot..." "I'd not advise it as a pleasure trip, ma'am, the people there aren't too friendly..." "No, sir, I didn't get lost in the desert sands of the Termool, but several members of my caravan did, Creator protect their souls..." "No, kid, that's a sharp blade there, don't play with it!" "Yes, sir, lots of desert sandstorms. Easy to get turned around and disoriented there."

Amid the clamour of voices, the peddler stops and lifts a water skin to his mouth, letting a steady stream of water cool his mouth. "Fortune prick me," he exclaims, "after all this time I still feel dehydrated from that harsh land!"

He begins to sell his wares to the crowd, a smile on his face.

With great pleasure we introduce

  • The Dry Forest, brought to you by Khnum.
  • The Waterless Sands, brought to you by Sebastian.

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