This official news post is copied verbatim from the WoTMUD website. It is copyrighted by wotmud.org.

This update was added on June 11 2006 by Myrddin.

A warm wind blew across the mountains, through the streets of Mantherene and out towards the Ogier grove which had been lovingly cared for by the Artisans which helped build the city. A small gathering was taking place just inside the edge of the grove, none were silent, all were singing a melody which pulled at the very earth. With the slow extension of an ancient hand, the Eldest of the gathering changed the tune ever so slightly, calling upon the Talisman he normally wore close to his heart.

At first nothing seemed to happen, but the melody continued and became more varied minute by minute. Almost as if it was trying to sneak into the world, a small sprout split the earth in front of the gathering. As it continued to grow, its pace accelerated, its vines seemingly pulling a slab of stone from the very ground. The vines and slab continued their frenzied pace out of the ground until they reached the height of nearly twice that of a human. With the last bit of melody still hanging on the air, the vines stretched across the stone, then became still, looking as though they too had turned into the very rock of the earth.

The Eldest turned to rest of the gathering, saying at last 'Our job is done here, let us return to the Stedding.'

Courtesy of Eileen (with some minor tweaks by Myrddin)

The Ways

Several changes are being made to the method in which the Ways are generated. I will not go into great detail as exploring them will be half the fun.

Here is a short list of some new features.

  • New Waygate locations - several new Waygates have been added and some of the old ones have been placed in different locations
  • Guidings - these will help you find your way
  • Complete randomization at each reboot
  • Machin Shin - will not be as quick to kill you, but you may wish he had

Also included in this update are a few tweaks to last months Fade/Warder updates. See your clan forums for information regarding these updates.