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This update was added on July 4 2004 by Voices of the Wheel.

The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and go as one Age ends and gives life to the next. In one age, called by some as The First Turn of the Wheel, a small breath of air wafted over the Ajalon Bridge and gained momentum as it passed through the Counsel's Plaza. Along the Street of Joy it grew into a true light breeze, carrying the sounds of the Lakeman's Quarter upon it, where it dispersed across the waters of the island before continuing, noiseless, across the Daigan and over the Ikane Bridge, toward Illian. Across the sere grasses it warmed in the sunlight of the plains, growing in size until it fragmented against a pillar-like stone in the midst of nowhere. Smaller, in spirals, a tendril of the breeze became a breath of wind again, flying across the Westwood and flowing over the Mountains of Mist where it joined with cooler air, forming into stormclouds. Once past the icy precipices of the highest mountain peaks the stormclouds grew darker and heavier as they threatened to send a deluge of frozen rain across the Almoth Plains, forcing the wildlife and Seanchan settlers to seek whatever shelter could be found in the meager wildlands. The storm turned southward toward Tarabon, building its fury and gathering strength as it raced towards the coastline where merchant vessels bobbed on stormy waves in the harbors of Tanchico. At the Garden of Silver Breezes a wind chime clattered discordantly before the gale-force wind hit, crashing doors and slatted window coverings shut with wrath-driven strength. A droplet of water fell singly upon the Calpene Road near Andahar Boulevard, and then a curtain of rain washed over the city, like a silver-gray veil cast upon the entire city. A child's forgotten toy boat sailed down a raingutter and disappeared into a culvert, where it tumbled through its own miniature storm before being thrown into the Aryth Ocean to begin its own sail across the sea toward lands far beyond. It was not the beginning, but it was a beginning...

  • New Far Madding North, presented by Armone, Myrddin and Vivienne.
  • New Far Madding South, presented by Myrddin and Vivienne.
  • New Tanchico East, presented by Elysia and Vivienne.
  • New Tanchico West, presented by Elysia and Vivienne.

And now, warnings. Read them carefully.

Both cities are being used for some experimental ideas. You may find yourself running awry of them. Do not assume these cities work in the same way you are used to cities behaving. Before reporting "bugs" determine whether it's actually a "feature". If you find problems, send a mail to Zone Admin. As always, enjoy.