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This update was added on September 9 2018 by Elysia.

Tomorrow, on Monday the 10th of September, part 1 of the changes surrounding Emond's Field will go in.

In order to make Emond's Field more in line with the books, more balanced with regards to wars and less of a run-the-gauntlet-between-2-doors-and-a-ton-of-dism-rooms, we need rooms to work with. The zone that contains Emond's Field and all surrounding zones are full, so literally, no room to work with.

To solve this problem, the part of Emond's Field zone that form the Quarry Road and Westwood were copied, layout wise, and put in a new zone. Since the room descriptions in the area were not up to our standard, the past few weeks were spent making them better. They might still not be perfect, but they will have improved.

Since there's now a new zone that has to be inserted, I looked at our grid map to see which coordinates it needs. Then it turned out that three zones were in the wrong places: Old Road, Hobrion zone and Volcano zone. To summarize:

This is how it is:


Hobrion - Old Road - Emond's Field

It should probably be:


Volcano - Westwood - Emond's Field
   |                     |
Hobrion -          - Old Road

So, that's why zone coordinates of Hobrion, Volcano zone and Old Road zone will also change. This will affect your Travel, Gate and Fade codes.

(Sep 10 2018)

And we're done. If you're a channeler with Travel or Gate codes in Hobrion/ waygate area, Old Road zone or the Quarry Road/ Westwood part of what was Emond's Field zone, you will have to update your codes. The same goes for fades and any fade scripts, as ranges might have been affected.

At least things are in their proper places now though, as per zone connections/ layouts.

Further changes to Emond's Field shouldn't have any effects on Travel/ Gate/ Fade codes.

Thanks to Akayen for adding to Tam al'Thor's farm. :)

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