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This update was added on June 23 2010 by Vivienne.


The uppermost top of the tower has been worn smooth by ages of weather, a
testament to how long something can last despite anything thrown at it. It
is rumored that the Creator, or his avatars, appear at this very spot when
least expected. Whatever the truth, this place has an aura of being outside
of space and time, where anything could happen... Weathered and faded, a
plaque and a sign have been embedded in the stone surface of the tower.
[ obvious exits: D ]
An old woman weaves a pattern on her loom.

Attention Rank 7 and Rank 8 characters, on the Light Side: You are now able to travel to the Eye of the World from select locations of Amador, Fal Dara, Tar Valon, Tear and Caemlyn. This is for the express and only purpose of letting you go to the area where new people come most often, or statters try their luck most, to set a good example for role play and helpfulness here at the Wheel of Time MUD.

This zone is "outside" of the game; there is no justice system, and warrants are not allowed to be set or served in this zone or as a result of anything within this zone. Abusing this zone in any way will result (not might result, not can result, WILL RESULT) in you being stripped of your rank permanently with no hope of redemption.

You cannot access the area if you are fighting, so don't even try using it to flee from pk. If you use it to zone-hop that is abuse.

You cannot rent in this zone. Do not transfer gear from the main game into this zone, even to "help" someone. We want people to learn the game, not be introduced to the Monty Hall "Let's Make a Deal" way of playing.

To get to the Eye of the World, find the weaver and ask her to send you to the Eye of the World. To return to one of the five major city points, ask her to send you to Tear, Tar Valon, Caemlyn, Fal Dara or Amador.

Please don't make us regret trying this. :)

VivEdit(tm): If I have my way, there will be a DS and SS section added to this area, and DS and SS rank 7/8s will be added access at that time. ;)