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The half-circle of Wise Ones faced the Aiel chieftans, their faces impassive in judgement. "We have found him to be False," one said, her voice not ungentle. "Further, he is unstable, and must be sent to the Blight to spit in Sightblinder's eye as his last act."

The chieftans shifted uncomfortably, some muttering to each other. One stepped forward, alone. "The Dawn Runners accept your decision, Wise Ones," he said. He turned away, his warriors following him. One by one the other chieftans present -- Mountain Dancers, Thunder Walkers, True Bloods, Red Shields -- all agreed, some sadly, some with anger, and left the meeting.

The oldest Wise One turned to the Far Dareis Mai. "He is not the one, Maidens of the Spear," she repeated. "It falls to you to escort him to the edges of our lands, and see him well on his journey." The Maidens exchanged glances, some checking their weapons, and then nodded. As one, they left the gathering.

Some without Chieftans stood to one side, watching and listening. Seeing the man they had hoped was true being taken from the encampment, they moved forward in confusion, anger, and excitement. "What do you do here?" one demanded of the Maidens.

Before a Maiden could reply, the man they guarded raised his voice. "I am Kural, your Car'a'carn! Hear me! The Wise Ones are afraid of what I bring to us all, and have in their fear declared me false. I am sentenced to go to the Blight, like any man who can channel, where they hope I die!"

The crowd of Aiel grew, pressing closer to the Maidens of the Spear. Some gasped in surprise, others looked ready to veil themselves for battle, for who or against what, no one knew. Sensing what was to come, Kural thrust his arms high, so all could see the markings upon his arms. "I am the Car'a'carn, and I will go to the Blight and lay waste to all I find there, as proof! Follow me, believe in me!" He stepped away from the Far Dareis Mai, his eyes defiant. A small group of Aiel warriors joined him, and together they left the encampment as the crowd of people watched them leave.

The Wise Ones stood together, and met the open stares of those they also helped lead. "He is tainted, and must meet his own fate," one said. "Let no Roofmistress offer him shade or water."

As the crowd dispersed, shaken by the morning's event, Kural turned back to them and raised his arms again in defiance. "Till shade is gone, till water is gone, into the Shadow with teeth bared, screaming defiance with the last breath, to spit in Sightblinder’s eye on the last Day!" he yelled and then, shouldering his few belongings allowed, led those who followed him north and towards the Blight.