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This update was added on July 4 2004 by Voices of the Wheel.

A borderland scout returns to his lord, rushing through the door, his fresh wounds still bleeding and clothes torn into shreds.

“My Lord, I bring dire news from the north!”

“I have confirmed the rumors, the Blight has expanded greatly in the west.”

The scout draws a deep breath before speaking again with anxiety.

“I traveled through deadly deserts and sinister forests, only to find burned ground and treacherous swamps hidden beyond. Through death and decay I struggled until finally I had traveled as far northwest as any man before me. There, hidden behind the vastness of the blight I saw a sight of terror, a spire as black as night rising towards the skies in the horizon. Followed by the screams of draghkar circling high above and the eyeless stalking the land, I barely escaped with my life to bring you these news.

  • Northern Shayol Ghul brought to you by Nevas, Astoria and Aldrius
  • Scorched Earth brought to you by Molliweide
  • Withered Forest brought to you by Endless
  • Dark Fortress brought to you by Hephaestus
  • Ruined Blight brought to you by Emalet and Khnum
  • Volcanic Blight brought to you by Halvin

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