Update:Elmora and surrounds.

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Elmora and the surrounding two zones are pretty empty, unused filler zones that serve little purpose. They aren't used for exp, they aren't used for pk. The only three attractions in the area are the Surelle smob, Elmora and Joncask.

Since we aim to make the zones that form the skeleton of the game more action packed and these three zones are perceived to be unnecessary filler zones, access to these zones from their normal entrances will be removed.

Joncask's load has been moved to south-Misties.
Surelle will be moved to Tanchico Road.
Elmora will be overhauled and will make an appearance in another form.
Elmora rent will be temporarily connected to Touchan, so people rented in Elmora can still leave.

Connections out from the zones west and east will remain intact, so people there can still exit these zones if they are "stuck" there.

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