This official news post is copied verbatim from the WoTMUD website. It is copyrighted by wotmud.org.

This update was added on August 5 2015 by Elysia.

After many requests from players, we've decided to change the situation surrounding Far Madding in such a way that it will hopefully be a compromise that does justice to the original builders, the Wall Guard players and those wanting a return to a smaller map.

For now, this is a trial and you will find that room descriptions haven't been updated to reflect the new situation. This will change if this trial is deemed successful. We will probably be asking for your feedback at some point in the future.

All your locates, gates and fade codes should still function as they were. One of Blodfest's entrances has changed location. Generallly speaking, zones are intact and only connections or the zones' edges have been changed.

If you find anything that is wonky (aside from room descs), please report to Elysia.

Many thanks to Itesh for approving the trial and Elodin for providing additional pk related suggestions.