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The sage waited patiently under an old leatherleaf tree. He had learned in his many wizened years that eventually, if you stayed in one place long enough, things really did come full circle back to you.

Days passed, nights flowed on in short bursts of dreams. When you're old, you don't need to sleep much.

His patience was rewarded on morning of the fifth day, when a young woman quietly approached him. "Excuse me, but... is this something important, do you think?"

The sage took a small wrapped bundle from her and carefully removed the protective cloth. A perfectly round sphere glimmered redly in the early morning light. For a moment the sage's face softened, the lines etched into his face seeming to melt away, as if the years were reversing... The girl blinked, and the sage was once again his familiar gnarled self.

"This is a wonder, a marvel..." the sage said as he ran his fingers over the orb. "...and dangerous. You did well to bring this to me." The sage carefully re-wrapped the orb, cutting off the soft red glow emanating from it. "I will see to it that this does not fall into the wrong hands."

Smiling gently, the sage patted the young girl's hand and walked away.

"That's it?" she called after him. "That's all you are going to do or tell me?"

The sage chuckled as he turned towards her, his rheumy eyes twinkling. "Time will tell, youngster," he answered her. Then he turned towards Tear and shuffled away slowly.

He didn't seem to be leaning on his cane that much.

And as the sage walked on, wherever he went it seemed as if plant life perked up. The air seemed to almost sparkle with vitality, and everyone who passed in his wake felt a sense of fulfillment, strength, and good will.

Congratulation to the Light Side, for completing this quest. 3x exp will be on for LS only from noon through 8pm est today.

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