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This update was added on April 8 2007 by Voices of the Wheel.

Covered in dust of decades gone by, a laboratory stands untouched by time. Work benches scattered with all kinds of curious gizmos don't even have mouse tracks across their dust-glazed surfaces.

In one shadowed corner is a nightmare construct of iron and steel, with glowing red eyes and a cube of pulsing light forged into the spine. It watches, and waits.

In another shadowed corner is a construct with wings and a tooled leather saddle, meant to carry two riders. Wings folded as if in rest, it sleeps away the ages as it, too, watches and waits.

From the corner opposite, a grinding sound is suddenly heard. A heavy thumping echoes through the laboratory as a giant statue of granite comes unexpectedly to life of sorts. It creaks as it moves, paws groping for a basket on a nearby table. The enormous head swivels and looks into the basket, then twitches stone whiskers in puzzlement. With long, heavy hops the statue lumbers toward the laboratory door, pushes it open, and leaves the automaton and flying construct behind to fulfill its primary mission placed into it eons ago.

The flying construct doesn't even notice the absence in the laboratory. It hasn't awoken, yet.

The automaton watches, and waits.

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