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This update was added on June 12 2007 by Nass.

Folks, my fault entirely and apologies to all affected.

I loaded these on the mine overlords near EF a few months ago, and they're now on various storages. Thankfully, better people than me removed the load quite quickly so the impact should be minimal. In my foolishness I didn't read the item correctly and should have seen that they're meant to be loaded on Turak only; there is a plan for them that I was unaware of, and the fact that these are on storages is preventing that plan going further.

So, I'm asking anyone who has one of these things to hand them back in to any imm before the end of this month; any left on characters afterwards I'll have to go in there and manually confiscate them which I'd rather not have to do. Normally I'd recompense people in a case like this but this wasn't a hard smob by any stretch of the imagination so in this case there won't be any recompense. The least I can do though is if you've pracced just to use this thing, pop me a mail after you've handed it over and I'll reset you.