This official news post is copied verbatim from the WoTMUD website. It is copyrighted by wotmud.org.

This update was added on January 9 2003 by Sayuja.

Bandar Eban and surrounding areas are now open. Let us take a moment to thank the builders who worked hard to complete these zones.

Bandar Eban - Thunder, Dionysius, and Sayuja
Domani Coastal Palace - Aennor
Arad Doman East - Molliwiede and Sayuja
Arad Doman West - Tomasz
Almoth Plain/Arad Doman Border - Mort
Snowy Mountains - Shamash, Vivienne, and Sayuja
In the Mountains of Mist - Ishmael, Ulic, and Sayuja
Westwood by the Mountains - Lalita

As you can probably determine by the WoT map and the names of the zones, you might find these accessible via Almoth Plain or the Westwood.

Report any bugs, and have fun!