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This update was added on October 3 2004 by Voices of the Wheel.

While returning from a visit to an outlying farm, Master Fein hears a little boy bellow 'No! Don't hurt me!' Hefting his walking stick, the Mayor of Deven Ride breaks into a run, praying he's not too late...

...and rounding a curve in the Old Road, he comes across two children playing at the forest's edge. 'Tommy! Sandra!' he chides, putting a stern tone into his voice so as not to alarm the children. 'You know better than to play this close to the forest line!'

Tommy sniffs. 'Awww. We weren't too close...' and then yelps as his sister punches his arm, hard.

'TAG! You're it!' Sandra yells to her brother and takes off running, her hair streaming behind her.

As the children disappear out of sight towards the village, Master Fein casts a doubtful glance towards the treeline. Resolving to speak to the Wisdom once again about the dangers lurking in the forest, and why the children shouldn't play there, he follows Tommy and Sandra at a much easier pace.

  • The Outer Forest of Shadows, brought to you by Myrddin.
  • The Northern Forests of Ghealdan, brought to you by Tamarlyn.

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