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This update was added on December 22 2006 by Myrddin.

Ho!! Ho!! Ho!!

In coordination with my fellow Staff members, Santa Myrddin has coded you a brand spanking new Holiday Release!

So without further delay...

...wrapping paper goes flying...

The Ways - revision 2.1
  • A partial rewrite of our favorite Magically Malicious immortal, Eileen's code from last year
  • Wouldn't want to spoil your surprise, go unwrap them yourselves!
  • Increased HP generation across the board
  • HP regeneration will be split between the tic and the half-tic
Birthday presents for all players 200+ years old
  • All players who age past 200 will receive a chance at 20 free rerolls
  • Rerolls will reoccur for each 100 years in age past 200
  • All 20 available rerolls will be displayed at once
  • Players will have the option to decline available rerolls
  • All rerolls include a free practice reset
Ward Weapon
  • The ward weapon weave will disappear from the game
  • In its replacement will be updates to the Master Blacksmiths
  • Master Blacksmiths can now hone a weapon for a cost
  • Master Blacksmiths can now harden a previously honed weapon for a cost
  • Master Blacksmiths will no longer retool master weapons
New/Updated Weaves
  • The sword of flame weave is now available to MCs only
  • A new weave, elemental staff, is now available to those who can achieve its required elements
  • Each clan will soon be receiving from their clan immortal a Quartermaster mob
  • Quartermasters will replace clan chests
  • Items will be able to listed, withdrawn and deposited in the same manner as innkeepers
  • Clan Watchers can easily set rank access restrictions for withdrawals
  • Storage capacity will be based on quantity, not weight
  • Storage with innkeepers will be reduced from 20 to 10 items per
  • Currently stored items will not be lost
  • Rank 8 persons will find the Sandman will now allow them to store 40 items, free of charge
  • Rank 8 persons will lose their personal storage cupboard within a reasonable time frame
  • Warriors will find that in the absolute lust of battle, they will be more fierce, striking at their opponents occasionally multiple times
  • This is a class bonus, it does not require attack to be practiced