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This update was added on November 25 2003 by Zun.

Recently I had to zap lots of people for multiplaying, in particular cross-race multiplaying.

Don't do that!! It is extremely lame.

I know that some of you have home LANs, or play at the computer lab, or so you claim... It is your responsibility to check that you are not playing with the same IP address as anyone else. When in doubt, only one of you should be playing WoT at a time, and CERTAINLY none of you should be playing multiple sides and communicating out-of-game. This is extreme cheating and also, extremely lame.

In the past we have made exceptions for you if you let us know your situation, and if approved you could have multiple players on the same side only. I suppose it's time to formalize the policy. I will post details later when we have staff in place to do so.

In the meanwhile, DO NOT multiplay from the same IP address. You can use various web pages to check your IP address, or ask in the IT forum for ways to check it.

Really it is getting tougher these days to play a fair game, and you should understand what the spirit of the rules are. We will not bother debating the fine points of the rules with you, so let's just all be cool about it and do the Right Thing(tm).

And as to ICQ lamers, or dorks who communicate using other means outside of the mud, sooner or later your reputation will catch up to you.

. . . Zun.