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This update was added on July 29 2018 by Voices of the Wheel.

Patrols similar to the buildable Child of the Light patrols are now available for Darkside. Five rooms have been added to start with, and potentially more may be added in the future. Look for trolloc cookpots to indicate a room that might have this functionality.

Rough Locations:

Braem Wood
East of Caemlyn
Watch Hill
East Lugard
West of Tar Valon

In order to create these campsites, enter the following commands in order (and wait for the mobol to finish):
Gather wood
Build fire
Pitch Tent
Tie lines
Set Patrol

You will only be able to create one patrol at a time. In order to reset the patrol in case the mobs are dead:
Strike Camp

This feature is available to trollocs only, and note that only trollocs of rank 4 or higher will be able to strike the camp. Trollocs of any rank and also those that are unclanned will be able to create the patrols, however. Report any bugs to Palaemon.

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