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This update was added on October 30 2004 by Tomasz.

Thanks to all our excellent builders we can finally present you with a set of zones which more than double the size of the Seanchan continent. An extra thanks to Khnum for doing much of the finalization.

In no specific order, here are the new zones.

  • Northern Cape - by Tamarlyn and Sebastian
  • Hooked Peninsula - by Khnum and Aodh
  • Foothills of Tamika - by Fyrien
  • Northern Peaks of Tamika - by Embla
  • Western Peaks of Tamika - by Kaitsey
  • Seanchan Coastal Plains - by Tamarlyn and Astoria
  • Plains of Anangore - by Khnum
  • Kirendad Savannah - by Embla
  • Swampland Peninsula - by Myrddin

- Tom and the building staff.

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