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This update was added on July 20 2003 by Doyn.

Hey guys, before you go ug, not another change! (though you probably already did), let me say up front that the following position will be at the discretion of the clan immortal and the clan itself. It is not something that is going to be handed down unilaterlly for all clans, but rather a chance for you to take an idea and run with it.

So what is it you ask? Get to the point already!

Fine! What it is is the creation of an internal position or unit who has the resposibility fielding proper complaints concerning unfair warrants. I have been calling it the Position of Ombudsman. You might call it differently. But most are probably sort of familiar with an Ombudsman.

It is an internal sector of a group that is designed to field complaints against their own. This is what says


om·buds·man ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mbdzmn, -bdz-, -bdz-) 
A man who investigates complaints and mediates fair settlements, especially between aggrieved parties such as consumers or students and an institution or organization. 
A government official, especially in Scandinavian countries, who investigates citizens' complaints against the government or its functionaries. 

So how does this relate to you as a clan? This position would be create to field complaints from outside people that their warrants are unjust and placed upon them outside the proper spirit of warranting.

Now the position would hear the complaints brought from outside. Make any inquiries/investigation if necessary. Then make a decision on if the warrant stays or goes. In the case of warrant overturn, they have the upmost authority to do so.

And because they have such power, that is why the clan must place the people they trust to make the proper call without questioning their decision. And also, the person in the position has to be responsible enough to carry out the duties of said position.

But for the most part aside from the basic responsibilities of the position, the Watchers would like to see clans develop the idea for themselves as it pertains to their clan, with regard to structure, process, penalties, further responsibilities.

To be honest, it is a good first step toward making sure abuse in the warrant system is being eliminated by making sure unfair warrants have someway of being overturned. If successful with the elimination of unfair warrants and possibility of overturning such, perhaps the staff can feel more comfortable turning warranting back toward more player control.

But again, I invite those with the ability to place warrants to take the idea and run. Feel free to discuss it with your clan imms in your own forum as well. I am sure they can offer a pretty good outlook on what can happen with such a position or unit.

Constructive feedback is always welcome. Doyn

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