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This update was added on November 23 2004 by Voices of the Wheel.

A young borderland boy runs from the Blight border towards his father screaming
"Father, the breaking is happening again!"
"The earth was rumbling and then it shook. Poor Silver-bell, was just swallowed up by a huge gaping hole!"
The father runs out to see what is happening and sees that a mountain has crashed into pieces and a huge stretch of land is visible to the north. The old man carries a little pup to his son saying
"This pups name is Joalt. Look after him my boy. And keep up the training with that lathe sword. You will be a swordsman like your father soon. There are many enemies of the light to slay before Tarmon Gaidon does arrive!"

New settlers start arriving from nearby borderland farms to help repel the threat of the Shadowspawn. Further east a shepherd catches sight of a wooden structure and wonders what is going on as he sees many Kandori Men riding to and from it.
"Hmm" he says, "I've never seen so many Kandori men riding together. I wonder what is up. Perhaps Tarmon Gaidon is here."
He rushes off home, abandoning his sheep. When he gets home his wife slaps him around the head saying
"You wool headed lummox! Those are the recruits which are moving into the Kandori stronghold. You better get back out and collect those sheep, before they are turned into mutton."

  • The Dying Woodland – Brought to you by Khnum
  • Southern Kandor – Brought to you by Halvin

Supervised by Dyvim

This project was implemented to address some issues with the pk around this area. Not only were these two zones implemented but changes were made to old zones as well. Please give it a week or so to test out properly before you start giving your opinions. I will gladly listen to your well-thought comments and implement changes as required.

Bugs are to be sent to the Zone Admin forum.