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This update was added on November 25 2017 by Voices of the Wheel.

The experience rewards had been good and perpetual. There must have been something behind it.

There was...destruction was coming.

NOTE: Raids will occur throughout the day, aimed at starting in the morning in consideration to off time zones. This post will be updated as much as possible to allow for players to opt in to action as it occurs.

Bump, because the Katar message came up on top.

Echos in the depth of the caverns led the fear to return across the bridge. The shepherds returned to the city. Something was coming.

ETA 20.

If you were not rewarded for that mobraid pray at some point today.

As the cries of terror were crashed, drums were heard deep inside the ways. The Seanchan scout reported this to the Empress and intense preparations were made.

ETA 1 hour.

The Shadow was pushed back twice. Myrddraals came cowering before the visage of the Great Lord, pleading for mercy. He granted it. He heard from his spies what was coming. He knew victory, if it would come, would be at his feet.

ETA 2 hours.