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This update was added on September 15 2019 by Elysia.

I let yesterday's poster additions stand on their own for a bit, so as to give explorers something to explore.

For a few weeks now, there have been additions to the game which are part of a big storyline which has been in the works for months. This storyline will culminate in a global quest. Various factions can win this global quest, which will trigger at least one other clan to further action if they do not win.

The big difference with this storyline is that it has a heavy RP focus amidst the traditional hack and slash. Different clans will have different angles with regards to how to approach events. There are discoveries to be made and discussed. Small sections of the big picture can be revealed through exploration and/or RP.

Because of these RP opportunities, the length of this whole series is undetermined. If people don't RP, it will be quick. If there are many requests, it will go more slowly, as obviously I only have so much time. Ideally, members of a clan should try to set a time and date with me for these things, as RPing with all potential folks on a one on one basis is untenable. I will try to schedule a pre-announced RP event so those who have missed out can attend.

One important consequence of the global is that if any clan decides to buy master bonuses for a month, these will be turned off during the global. Otherwise it would skew the balance too much.

As one final note, no, we're NOT implementing the Black Tower. Frankly, that would be about the stupidest thing we can do. The impact of fighting tons of mcs in pk would not make the game better. It also falls outside of the scope of the timeline we're aiming for wrt books vs game.

(Sep 16 2019)

For the record, once the whole sequence is over, I will be posting all the RP logs I was partaking in. Hopefully that will show the different nuances of the whole story, even for those who weren't there in person.

So far I've been present for two RP sessions and they've been great fun!