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This update was added on October 26 2007 by Dyvim.

As some of you have noticed we've had a huge backlog of unprocessed LAN requests. Within last couple of days I've processed what I can of them and removed those with insufficient information.

If you have sent a LAN request and still haven't received an answer, please re-send it to the PR Admin. Make sure you include all the necessary information.

Start by taking a look at this link:

When updating an already existing LAN list, include the names of the new characters clearly and who they belong to. In addition to that, also include the complete listing of all player and characters in your LAN to make our job easier. Due to resourcing difficulties, from now on we will delete requests that do not contain all necessary information. We simply do not have the manpower to dig through old notes and files to figure out the missing info. Do yourself a favor and send clear registrations and we will process them as soon as we can.

Thank you, Dyvim and the PR Staff

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