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This update was added on September 10 2019 by Elysia.

This has been long alluded at on Discord and ingame, and this was the last chance to prevent this from happening: http://wotmod.org/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=10536

Unfortunately, when 3 out of all the players who have uniques show their uniques to the mobs semi-regularly over the past 3 months, that doesn't save any work. Meaning I still have to spend 30 mins a month, every month, finding out if they're played. That's just a skewed amount of time spent for such a small group of players.

Because of this, we will be removing most uniques. A handful will stay in play, primarily the eversharp ones. Vampa has already removed the Blue Scourge of Justice from the game and I expect that other uniques will follow.

Most of you who are on Discord already knew, but I'm posting here too so someone won't come along in a year and go "where are all the uniques?!".