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This update was added on September 8 2019 by Cerys.

With the war system and Daes dae’mar in full swing, the Immortals have witnessed a surge in Roleplay that truly exhibits the clandestine nature of politics in the Wheel of Time world. We have enjoyed watching deals, meetings, and conversations stem from and revolve around real, in-game interactions.

We encourage everyone to remember that spies, agreements, and other interactions used to drive Roleplay in one direction or another takes time to develop, especially if it involves more than just your character (e.g. affects a whole clan or group). Even if you know the player behind the character, we look for real engagement and interaction in game between your characters that shows history. In other words, before you enlist the help of a friend’s character to support your agenda or goals, there should be significant character history beforehand. Simply asking a friend to help you out on their alt without previous history is a red flag.

Remember too, when you build a character history of enlisting spies, people outside the law, or in servitude to the Shadow, or any other storyline for your character that is suspect, it may have a significant negative impact on your character if revealed to others, so Roleplay wisely!