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This update was added on July 20 2017 by Voices of the Wheel.

I spotted a few incorrect room names and I have fixed them.

The Long Man inn in Cairhien is now called the Great Tree, as per and several other sources. Mistress Tiedra already was the proprietress, hence changing the name of the inn made more sense.

Similarly, the Yellow Shield's Inn in Bandar Eban is now called Wind's Favor Inn, as per [1].

The same applies to Eban Square, which is now Arandi Square. Some minor changes have been made to the south-eastern part, which a room desc referred to as 'Old Town' while the map shows it's the Gull District. I realize the port in Bandar Eban is in the wrong place, but that's a wee bit bigger project, so at this time only the purely cosmetic changes have been made.

The name changes of the inns should have absolutely no effect on their functionality.

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