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This update was added on February 27 2017 by Voices of the Wheel.


Since with the new immortal rules it's a bit of a heavy workload to do temporary changes every single month, we've adapted the concept. There will be temporary changes, however, they will not be implemented on a set date, nor will they have a set duration. We're aiming to replace them approximately every 3 months RL.

There will also be a section of changes aimed at more than pk.

Over the course of the day, some of these will be implemented, so stay tuned.

Lightside: a shift in power has put the trolloc camp in the hands of the Bhan'sheen tribe. The Ahf'frait, Dha'vol, Dhai'mon, Ghar'ghael, Ko'bal and ramshorned trollocs have fled the vicinity.
Darkside: a dreadguard has rekindled the black flame, which upon feeding it ancient tree scalps may transport a trolloc to the Lugard Fade. Beware though, the residue of Saidin will alert the Guardian ter'angreal in Far Madding.

Lightside: in two chokes in the Snow Covered Mountains of Mist, one can yodel to start an avalanche, shutting off travel across the mountain range. The avalanche will "melt" on zone repop.
Seanchan: some wagon train spilled a sack of kaf beans when travelling on the Tar Valon Road. A conscript went to investigate.

Exploration: A cartographer in Far Madding needs assistance, he will explain what he wants if you mention a QUEST to him.

Quest: An Altaran Lord has put out the word that he needs a hand. Tell him QUEST and he will let you know what is expected.

Roleplay: Across the lands, you may now tell or say to a bartender the following things:

  • start rp celebration
  • start rp sad
  • start rp thought

This will cause the bartender to narrate that you are in his establishment and your mood. This may or may not encourage other people to look you up and have a chat.