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This update was added on March 15 2018 by Voices of the Wheel.

Two of the recent temporary changes worked so well that we're making them permanent features:

Capture the Flag patrols:
Capture-the-Flag patrols have been placed in the Two Rivers, Braem Wood and Winding. They change sides between Seanchan, Dark, the local clan, Children of the Light and bandits.

Scalp the leader mob to initiate the change.

Roleplay retools:
At master blacksmiths, you may SAY JOIN RETOOL GUILD. This will grant you the ability to make retools of "a handful of dust".
SAY RPRETOOL DUST a comfortable sofa
The master blacksmith will check whether you are a member of the guild and then either:
-load the dust, retool it and give it to you
-if he already has dust, retool it and give it to you

A master blacksmith gives you a comfortable sofa.

The item is no-rent and 5 lbs, it can be held for rp purposes.

All transactions are logged. If you abuse this, your membership of the retool guild will be revoked and you will not be able to re-join it. If too many people abuse this, it will be removed entirely. Abuse in this case would largely be inappropriate objects and replicating quest item names. In the latter case, you will also be docked the qps gained from doing this tenfold. Use common sense.

If people play nice, this may become a permanent feature, but no promises yet.

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