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This update was added on December 2 2018 by Voices of the Wheel.

Shivering trees have become more numerous off the Winding Road - two have spread their seeds and 4 have sprung up from bare soil.

The Winding commander should no longer move or chase out of his tower. Water has spilled from the Orchard well, causing additional trees to grow.

A morat'to'raken has taken up a post in Tarendrelle, allowing for speedy travel towards Falme.

Ogier stonemasons will now aggro Seanchan again, on %.

The bountyhunter is going north from Tear and he has a few targets on his list.

The cartographer has gone missing while traveling from the Drowned Lands to Mayene. His clientele in Mayene is eager for him to start his mapping. Please find him and inform him that he is EXPECTED IN MAYENE.

The bandit warlord will have a chance to load something extra, the chance increasing depending on group size.

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